Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Thank you for my new followers

Firstly thank you for all my new followers that have join  this blog 

I been out of action since Christmas had a fall in the garden and it taken  me time to get back into doing things.

Since  beening made partly sighted  i have a Rehab lady called Arlene come once a week to build my confidence back up again 

i am trying to crochet and finish a top down cardigan for a friend  in knitting 

thank you for joining me on my journey  speak again soon 

What’s been happening in the gardens this week

Well we had a lot of rain over the last couple of weeks  I need to re sort my seed containers especially the vegetable one I had to take every thing out just to find I was out of broad beans got lots of other kinds climbing , bush , so if you have any brain waves then let me know ?
Planted my garlic from Tesco a large one so names it Tesco 2ND time I used a shop brought garlic to use for growing

Sunday, 29 September 2019

What’s been happening in the gardens this week

I have just looked at my strawberries that I tried to grow from seed but have died  never mind  might try again soon will look to see if my 3 plants have any runners on normal I cut them off for the first year to give the roots time to get stronger.
I finished filling the other Grow trug yesterday big toms and herbs and salad leaves and carrots see if any germinate the seeds that I sowed I mean.
Salad leaves (Fancy Summer Mix)
Carrot (Paris Market 5 Atlas
Nasturtium (Jewel Mixed )
 Went for a drive yesterday and came back with a mag with 10 seed packets on it here is what I got
Lettuce (Arctic King)
Herb  (Coriander)
Carrot (Early Nantes2)
Broccoli (Autumn Calabrese)
Cauliflower (All the Year Round)
Beetroot (Moneta)
Swiss Chard (Bright Lights)
Onion (Red Baron)
Courgette (All Green Bush)
Parsnip (White Gem)
I have a new bug hotel to put up when it not raining will see in video when I make it and it should be up in the garden by then and we have a small solar pond with a little frog spitting water out

Well I finished planting the daff bulbs the other day
Some in the ground and one in a planter which I put by our outdoor table where we sit with our coffee’s and odd snack.

Been raining a lot this last couple of weeks hence no gardening as David dose not like me out in the rain I planted or sowed my garlic in to a pot  and named it Tesco garlic and its large was surprised how many cloves it had in it

Monday, 12 August 2019

What’s been happening in the gardens this week

Damp start for today grey skies meant to be raining until midday so the weather folk say then will brighten up so might get the dogs out for a bit then

Radish French Breakfast is up this morning
Little Gem lettuce is a bit leggy but will re pot soon just keep turning them until I can pot them on
Please to see how the sugar snaps and green shaft peas are getting on slowly climbing up them up the fence
It’s a nice day to day so might try and get the lettuce planted and the radish all being well

Went for a nice drive yesterday afternoon and come back with some lovely plants
2xL illum (Golden Splendour)
2x Potentilla (Jean Jabber)
2x Fuchsia (Coralle)
2x Echinops (Blue Globe)
2xGeum (Lady Stratheden)
1 Lychnis (Coronarius)
1 Campanula x Vanhouttei

Well it’s a damp start today so not a lot happen out side got some peas and sugar snaps to pick and harvest still got my spuds to harvest soon 

Thursday we were given some Aloe plants and some pups which can be grown inside or outside but must bring inside before the first frost and need to get some cactus feed and soil for when you need to re pot

 We went for a drive to a New Garden Centre call
THREAPLANDS very nice inside and outside food was nice and helpful staff that help load your car with all your goodies you brought
All perennial plants
One wooden wind chime
Bee bombs for the wildlife area 21 in all to send flying around our area

Geranium (Rozanne)
Iresine (Cherry)
Begonia (F1 Illumination Lemon)
Crocosmia (Lucifer)
Illumination (Trailing Begonia Scarlet)
Verbena (Santos Purple)
Scabiosa (Japonica Blue Note)
Bergenia (Overture)
And 3 planters with mixed plants in already

So, it nice knowing that I have 2 good garden centre’s near me that I can choose to go to.

I have treated myself to some bamboo and tricolour Butterfly bush that I am waiting  for bamboo arrived this morning along with 2 veg trugs witch are not making up right at present.

After 2 days of rain and storms and lighting I been wise and kept my computer off so just light drizzle this morning so catching up.
We added some more blue stone to the circle and add some colour lights that change colour during the night.
We were donated 2 stumps which we put in the wildlife area were all the nice wildflowers will grow and help the insect’s pollinators and things
I am just waiting for one more plant to arrive my tricolour butterfly bush then I be planting my bamboo plants tree peony blue poppy into the garden
Our gold stones arrived yesterday so we put them round our circle looking good just got to move the weeds

 Yesterday we went to blow the cobwebs away and went to our nearest garden centre called Christies
We brought redcurrant (JVT)
 Thornless Loganberry bush
Tradescantia (Isis)
Wildlife Attracting (Garden Varieties mixed)
California Poppy (single mixed)
Poppy (Paeony Black)
Poppy (Ladybird)
Buddleia (Mixed Davidii)
Radish f1 HYBRID MIX (Bluemoon and Redmoon)
Basil (Sweet Green)
Basil (Crimson King)
 Wild Rocket (Wasabi)
Lettuce (Salad Bowl)

So, a lot has been going on still got my other grow trug to fill maybe with tomato’s or pepper’s plant’s
Or  strawberries enjoy your week

Friday, 19 July 2019

What’s been happening in the gardens this week

 Well I sowed some more herb seeds, coriander, dill and another go at marjoram seeds as the last lot did not germinate so fingers cross, they work this time round.

Also sowed some little gem lettuce hopefully they will germinate I let you know if they do.
Yes they have germinated on Sunday just gone

Planted up some mint for a neighbour this morning found some more rose’s in the garden and some ripe raspberries was given a lovely pink rogersia plant
You can get seeds apparently and its flowers for 3 months and can divide next March and can have it near a pond or in bog garden.

We also been given a yellow rattle plant which is another perennial plant and one other waiting to find out it name and what it doses whether its wildflower or not Euphorbia
I also sowed into a white tub Nasturtium (sunny mix of colourful flowers) Nigella (Persian Jewels)
And the last one Lavender (Munstead seeds)

We were given this lovely picnic table the other day that we put down near the top end of the garden  and when we get a BBQ

I sowed 3 lots of radish yesterday

Radish French Breakfast 3
Radish Scarlet Globe
Radish Mooli Mino Early
In cell trays
I also moved my Tesco strawberry plant into the ground to make it easier for the runners but might cut them off for this season so makes healthier plants and planted a mint into the ground as well

I also made the structure I have my sugar snap peas on taller for them using a bit of fence wire will show when I take some photo’s
Peas are coming long the Green Hurst ones and some bush beans have started plus bucket of swede is coming along as well so not doing to badly really and added more string to my outside tomatoes

Join me again next time 

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

What’s been happening in the gardens this week

Well yesterday I planted 20 plug lets of Lobelia Bush
During the night we been having a male badger we think could be a female but not sure will have to do some research on them. But a privilege all the same to have them visiting.

Over the weekend we re arranged the shed come garage but as we not putting a car in there now, I moved the tables down by the big door, so I have lighter when working in there.

Well it’s raining today, so doing indoor jobs, catching up with things like watering the indoor plants, and tried yesterday some fresh strawberries and I cut some flesh from some strawberries were having with cream. and put them into some soil and we will see if they will grow to help me have some more strawberries, what this space?

When we went shopping brought four bags of compost to keep me going for a while.

While we made our salad rolls for lunch, I took 2 bits of cumber in slices to see if I can grow from seed so another experiment on the way.
Foggy this morning with drizzly rain so catching up You Tube and emails.

Well yesterday was a lovely day so I weeded and planted some marigolds a gift from a friend so looking forward to seeing what the colours will be.
In the late afternoon we decided that we could not see the containers out the front so we moved them all in the back garden now plus it helps to break the area’s up a bit, and I started were the new herb bed will be.
We found some pebbles to put around the area that will help break the area up and the pots of herbs once I grown them or put seed into the pots.
 Going to get some wood chips or bark but the pebbles look nice for now.

I also potted up some of David’s mixed peppers yesterday learning that when it’s nice here in Scotland you go outside in the sunshine and do computer or inside jobs when it rains makes sense really,

 Yesterday afternoon I sowed some spring onion Apache (deep purple) and carrots (autumn king 2)
In the same pot drying a brought green salad pepper top half for seeds for next year.

We had rain and thunder and lightning last night, so everything outside got a good soaking so no need to water anything.

Had a busy day with appointments yesterday  so not a lot of this got done  so we catching up with indoor jobs and things and I might see what I can sow outside in pots.

 In between the showers yesterday we planted a purple bush and 4 gardens delight tomato plants
And will be planting a small version of the purple bush we planted yesterday today later or in the morning depending on the weather.

Well we also sowed some mixed flower seeds and I sow some fennel the herb in a pot not the bulb that you can grow as do not have any seeds of it at present

Raining this morning so not sure what we will be doing was going to sow some Henderson lima beans which is a bush variety I have found out could be picking them in 90 days if I read right.

Had to recue my yellow courgette as it snapped of with babies on it might have to re sow some more what do you think?

Well I managed to germinate a rare blue poppy just one over the moon about it re potted a spider plant that made 3 extra plants also potted on some Alpine strawberries made 8 pots and sowed some little gem lettuce as well this morning.

A beautiful morning here in Scotland I am about to pot on a baby pelargonium that was on beside it mother noticed when watering the plant a few moments ago

Well there was a man clearing the pansies by the clock tower and it turn out he was going to burn the pansies so I went along with two pots to save some of them and put a border near the Lobelia Bush and they look very nice indeed

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

wildlife in the garden

Last night i put my trail cam out not thinking i would get any night visitors at all and to my surprise what do i find at midnight  roaming round my garden i have never seen one before in any of my gardens   so what a privileged for nature to want to be in our garden

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Well we have blue skies this morning and going to try and do some weeding after another coffee before I start.
Well I managed to do some weeding in bed 1 and cleared the weeds smothering both of my pea area’s which has made me happy feeling very happy with what I managed to do and David kindly had the dogs inside with him so I did not have to worry about the dogs getting out of the garden.
Next day
Damp skies this morning so might wait until later to do some garden work as David does not like me out in the rain trying to do some work
Next day
Still raining took a short video of my yellow courgette this morning as the female flowers on one had open along with a male so I hand pollinated it hoping to get some nice fruit.
All the things in the dog room are coming along nicely to be honest with you.

Yesterday it was lovely so I jointly mowed the garden with David and found out our weed is herb called fire weed know as a medical herb you can eat it as well in the spring
Also, we have a Sena Tora plant as well some call it a weed but if it good for the bees and butterflies then it is staying in the garden.

Well yesterday was a cool day but in the morning I managed to weed some of the rhubarb area and plant some #bird seed sunflower challenge as well planning to plant the other ones soon the rain come at lunch time

Yesterday we both felt sorry for a herb kit going for £2.00 so we brought it home and the only problem is that the pots are labelled  2 parsley with no seeds and one chives do have a pot for that one and basil seeds so wrote basil on a sticky note to go over the parsley sign then went looking in my boxes for a parsley and found one.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Well what a nice Easter weekend we had the sun has been out the dogs have enjoyed it a bit chilly this morning but sun slowly coming out now.
I hoping to go out into the garden later to try and make a new bed out of things laying a round for the edging the garden
Over the weekend I sowed some Hurst Green Shaft Pea where I had sown sugar snap peas, but nothing came up
So, hoping these do


 been damp the last couple of days with some sunshine  hoping to get out over the weekend

I am taking part in the #sunflower challenge 2019
Nicks Allotment Dairy on You Tube is running had already sown some before I heard about the challenge so sowed some more like you do

A bit of a damp day today so not a lot going on garden wise

Well we mowed the weeds the other day and added some to the wormy and have decided I will not worry about turning it over but just keep it for the lovely tea that they make it needs high ring up we had some nice weather but it going to go damp and raining so going to plant out my one and only Celeriac that had germinated  still worried about my lemon cucumber looks like I only got one coming up which is in the upstairs spare window  we had rain for the last 2 days so no gardening has been done

I am going to do some more sowing shortly as we meant to be getting nice weather again soon

Well we have had hale stones this morning so no outside has been done
I did do a sowing of sugar snap peas yesterday but left them in the shed  will spray them shortly I have run out of room in the house to bring them in and left 3 courgettes in there to normal would of put them in the green house but that’s not up as yet.
Well I asked David if one of my shelving from the greenhouse would work in the dog room and it dose thank you so much and to have all in one place now will be much better
Well I am thinking about re potting my lemon tree I watered it yesterday with rain water like you should it only got 2 brown leaves so thinking it might be dead?
Well I took the plunge and re potted my lemon tree had hardly any roots  it at all so snip one and also sowed my special seeds dose have another name  but that’s what I am calling mined will be in video shortly and we cleaned the shed up while we did not have the blue car in the shed

 Well we had a few good days weather wise with some wind so had to be care full of my eyes so been indoors sowing and tidying the garage /shed up
I think I have done quite well without my greenhouse up but do miss it, but it might get up one day?

 Well I planted out my 3 courgette plants this morning after doing a bit of weeding and did remember to put an empty small pot for watering as well been nice and warm as well had lunch outside witch was nice and had a coffee as well along with a soft drink
Noticed some bluebells out as well this morning dogs sunbathing when we were seating down resting for a bit

I have just planted out some poppies and one other plant potted on some rosemary I had in a pot of water and have made 3 small plants of its David has made cool area were we seat down for a coffee or two photo to follow
I am hoping to sow some more flowers hopefully
And harvest 4 sticks of rhubarb this morning might just stew and then make some custard later maybe

Moved my pallet garden down to near the other end of where I am growing things the other day looking good I got to sort my front containers out later on one side of the house as looking sorry for them self’s

Well I put some flower seeds into long container yesterday morning which were RUBBERMAID, SWEET WILLIAMS, AND CALIFORNIAN POPPY.
Been raining on and off meant to be raining all day so the met office says clean the garden up before the rain started again this morning
Been raining again apart hardening of my sugar snap peas and feeding the birds David came across this metal cockerel which we put up were hopefully I be putting some herbs I have not had a good time with gemination but will re sow some when I got some more seeds.

Well this is the third day of rain we had so far so no outside work has been happening  but hoping for a dry spell soon  hate when I can not get outside even to pot on things
We have a dry spell at the moment but looks like rain so not doing any gardening as got to go into town later  learning to garden with this green weed thing growing in our garden  all I do is keep pulling it out of my growing area  must get some more  bamboo poles soon might infest in a plant soon then I can harvest my own in the winter.

This morning I emptied my kitchen compost bin as it had stopped raining will have a look at the garden with the camera as with all the rain we been having have not been able to take it outside lately and I put my #sunflower challenge out to harden off before I plant them out in the garden

I have two flowers on 2 of my courgettes one in the dog room and one in the garden so I will start feeding them possible with tomato feed or I have one more Gro-Sure with seaweed enriched all-purpose plant food  will take photos soon

It raining again this morning so apart form a brief walk round the garden with the dogs that’s all we are doing at present

Will I potted on the #sunflower challenge sunflowers this afternoon birdseed ones and velvet orange ones can not remember to be honest
Hoping to get some poles soon for them and the tomatoes as well now I got some things growing at last
Raining again not getting much weeding down getting a list of things that I need to do but hopefully we will get things done

Monday, 19 March 2018